Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Outfits Upset Parents Of Middle Schoolers

The Washington Redskins cheerleaders are feeling the ire of some parents. The ladies paid a visit to a 6th grade class at George Washington Middle School in Alexandria, Virginia. They were supposed to be there for a poetry-reading event…and what student wouldn’t be totally riveted by that…but it’s the parting gift that has moms and dads getting a case of the chapped ass.

The girls passed out posters that featured their “official” team portrait. In that picture, the squad’s wearing their traditional uniform. That uniform consists of belly shirts and low-cropped boy shorts. Some parents described them as “bikinis”, and felt that it was a horrible decision and extremely inappropriate to pass these out to the kids.

For the girls, some felt that it was a horrendous depiction of the cheerleaders, and bad role modeling. For the little boys – we’re sure that they didn’t mind one bit – but moms have to be wondering why they’re finding so many missing socks, and where all of their towels are disappearing to. The principal of the school has apologized to the parents, and then he went and beat the war-drum to the poster, as well.

Source: Washingtonian

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