Asking College Girls About Foreplay Only Leads To More Confusion

The guys over at StupidCupid have posted a new video asking college girls about foreplay. The question at hand is: How long should foreplay last? These answers that the girls give range from “10 to 15 minutes,” then “5 to 10 minutes,” then “at least 30 minutes.” Clearly, there’s a lack of consensus here. But wait, it gets more confusing

The next question seeks advice from the ladies about foreplay. “Take it slow” and “just do whatever she likes” are the responses here. Thanks for being vague ladies. Take what slow exactly? And does “doing whatever she likes” mean that we’ve got to hold that damn purse all frigging day because she likes shopping, and doing that might mean we get laid?! Communication, people!

The final question centers around if there’s such a thing as “too much” foreplay. All of the women answer “yes” to this one. Again, however, there are no specifics given. So, we’re left with that 5-to-at-least-30-minute window to work with. Somewhere in there is the magical time-limit, and during that time we should be taking it slow and doing whatever you like. Just don’t take it too slow because then you might take too long. It kinda makes us want to give you the vibrator, and you just let us know when you’re ready.

Source: BroBible

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