Best Boyfriend Ever Trades Shoes With Bae So She’ll Pass Midterms

Chivalry comes in many forms and one boyfriend was a shining example of it when he literally took the shoes off his feet to give them to his girlfriend. Mark Cadiz swapped his sneakers for his S.O. Vanessa’s sandals when she forgot to wear closed-toe shoes to her chemistry lab midterm.

If she had come to the chem lab in her sandals, she wouldn’t have been able to do the lab work, which would have affected her grade in the course. So this awesome boyfriend wore his girl’s shoes around until she finished. How’s that for love?

Even though Mark got some shade thrown his way over his small feet, but he took that foot shaming in stride, knowing he was helping his lady love get a good grade. And these days, we’ll take all the romance the world has to offer, even college couples trading shoes.

Source: The Berry

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