Female Biker Club Delivers Breast Milk To Babies In New York City

The New York Milk Bank opened back in September, providing donated breast milk to babies who need it - like preemies, sick babies, or when mamas just aren’t producing enough. After the milk has been screened and pasteurized, it’s typically delivered via FedEx from the facility, just north of Manhattan, but when there’s a last minute demand, door-to-door delivery is available.

But in New York City, that delivery can be a challenge. And that’s where the Sirens Women’s Motorcycle club (New York City’s oldest and largest female motorcycle club), helps out. These women are known as the “milk riders” and they’re on call at all hours to can get the breast milk to the hospitals or mamas who need it, because they can weave in and out of traffic like no car can.

"They are a fabulous group of women," says New York Milk Bank founder Julie Bouchet-Horwitz. "We use them if we’re in a pinch and they're always able to help.”

The Sirens Club was started back in 1986 and volunteer their time to the milk bank whenever a run is needed. The “milk riders” make great partners for the milk bank, helping to keep babies healthy all over the city, one ride at a time.

Source: Fox News

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