Johnny Manziel Gets Engaged To Instagram Model

Wow—for all the shots we’ve taken over the past few seasons at Johnny Manziel—it appears he will actually be getting a ring.

And while it isn’t Super Bowl ring, the wedding ring he’ll soon be wearing—after getting engaged this weekend to Instagram model Bre Tiesi—is a bigger score than anything we ever saw from him on the field.

The former Heisman Trophy winner popped the question over the weekend during a romantic trip to Paris and—unlike anything he ever did on the field—told TMZ Sports he is confident in his decision too.

“When you find a girl as amazing as I did that saved me from where I was in my life, you absolutely put a ring on it,” the 24-year-old NFL washout cooed.

And while Manziel’s relationship with Tiesi is relatively new, with the two having started dating just late last year—they have been inseparable ever since and—to Manziel’s credit—that support seems to have given way to sobriety.

Of course, if she’s seriously thinks he can be an NFL QB—well, I’m guessing she’s doing enough drinking for both of them.

Seriously though, congrats Johnny.

Source: TMZ Sports

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