Kind Stranger Buys Plane Ticket For Daughter Of Desperate Dad

When a father checked in at an airport gate with his daughter who just turned two, he was told he needed to buy a last-minute ticket for the toddler to fly - once they’re two they need their own ticket. But the desperate dad couldn’t afford the $749 fare and was heartbroken, according to a bystander who shared the story in a Facebook post on the “Love What Matters” page.

That’s when a fellow passenger and good samaritan stepped forward and offered to purchase the ticket for the little girl. The generous stranger has been identified as Debbie Bolton, and she was moved to help after hearing the dad’s dilemma. But when the father asked for her name to repay her, she told him not to worry about it.

Bolton had hoped to stay anonymous after her good deed, but commenters to the post identified her. People who know her say they’re not surprised by her gesture and this is exactly the kind of thing she’d do. We love this story because she wasn’t stepping up to get credit for helping, but because it was the right thing to do. We need more Debbie Bolton’s in the world today.

Source: Daily Mail

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