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Adele has granted a wish to one of her biggest fans. Last week the “Sesame Street” character Elmo tweeted a request to meet the singer. 

“Hello Miss ‪@Adele, it's me, Elmo!,” the muppet tweeted. “Miss ‪@Adele, Elmo's been wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet? (We're both in Australia!)” He even went on a local news show to plead his case.

Well, how could she say no to that and the singer, who’s currently touring Down Under, met with the adorable red muppet, who shared a picture of the meeting along with the caption, “Elmo's dreams have come true! Elmo loves you, Miss @adele! #adelmo.” Check out Elmo’s plea to the right, and his picture with Adele below.

  • ONE MORE THING! Adele has reportedly found a sneaky way to get through the crowds at her Aussie stadium shows. Adele starts her gigs on a stage in the middle of her crowd, and during her arena tours she was easily able to sneak to the center using tunnels. But for stadium gigs it’s not as easy to go unnoticed, so she reportedly gets wheeled out via an equipment trunk. Although she didn’t spill the secret to fans in Sydney, she did tell them they would laugh if they found out why she always hits the stage drenched in sweat. See her trunk being wheeled through the crowd to the right.

"Kong: Skull Island" not only landed in the top spot at the box office, but it did better than just about everyone expected. It's $61-million pull was 35% ahead of estimates just a month ago. "Logan" fell to second place, while "Get Out" rounded out the top three.

What's more, "Get Out" crossed the $100-million mark, which is a big deal for production company Blumhouse, marking the the first of its movies to make that much in 16 days. Fourth place went to "The Shack" while "The LEGO Batman Movie" was able to hold on to a top five spot. 

  1. "Kong: Skull Island" - $61-million
  2. "Logan" - $37.9-million
  3. "Get Out" - $21.07-million
  4. "The Shack" - $10-million
  5. "The LEGO Batman Movie" - $7.8-million

If you thought “Saturday Night Live” was going to go soft on the Trump administration, think again. This weekend, the target of choice was Ivanka Trump. But daddy Donald wasn't immune either. Host Scarlett Johansson did the honors as Donald Trump’s oldest daughter. 

The sketch show mocked Ivanka’s brand of faux-feminism by featuring her in an ad for the fictional cologne, “Complicit.” It starts off with, “She's beautiful. She's powerful. She's… Complicit. She's a woman who knows what she wants. And knows what she's doing. Complicit.” The parody end with, “Complicit. The fragrance for the woman who can stop all this…but won’t.”

As for The Donald, he was tasked with reassuring the American people during an alien invasion. It didn't work out so well. Especially because "he might have financial ties to the aliens."

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