Scary Mommy Blogger Reveals Divorce As Husband Comes Out

After more than 17 years of marriage, Jill Smokler, the blogger behind the parenting site Scary Mommy, and her husband, Jeff, have announced they’re divorcing. In a Facebook post the couple reveals the reason for the split is that Jeff is gay.

The couple had been together for 23 years and she says this is “a reality which we have faced together for many years.” Jeff posted his story on Scary Mommy, sharing that he’s known for the past four or five years that he’s gay and has struggled “for the past 23 years with coming to terms with his sexuality.”

“Of course I always knew I was different, but when you meet your soulmate when you’re 18 years old — only five years older than my own daughter is now — and that person is a woman, you simply think ‘thank God then, I can’t be gay,’” Jeff writes. “Whereas love simply wasn’t enough to keep us together, it turns out it comes in real handy in times of strife.”

Jeff goes on to say that he didn’t want to come out at first, but that he also wanted to make sure that both he and Jill were ready to tell their story. And he says nothing changed, they were just ready. As for telling their three kids, in an interview on the “Today” show Jill says there have been “weepy moments,” but they’ve been “incredibly mature,” all things considered. She says despite the nasty comments they’ve gotten, being honest and putting it all out there has been “really good” for her.

Source: US Magazine

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