Blonde Court Clerk Turns Bright Red When The Judge Reads The Man's Charges Out Loud...

Kansas City court clerk Kalina Blosser went to work one day expecting just another normal day.  That is NOT how it ended up.  

Everything was going smoothly until she saw her boyfriend heading toward the stand.  It wasn't that strange to see him because he would often meet her for lunch.  He also works for the city.  

That's when the judge started to read the charges against him.  

"You're accused, in 2013, while training Kalina Blosser as a court clerk, of failing to maintain a demeanor as a stone-cold fox and allowing her to trespass on your heart.  In count two, you're accused of following the said Kalina Blosser around this courthous for three solid years like a puppy dog in an attempt to gain entrance into her heart."

Mike pleaded guilty to all of the charges.  But you do not want to miss what happened when her boyfriend asked the judge if he could address "the victim" directly.  

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