Deputy Saves Two Women In Path Of Cruise Ship

A couple of spring breakers riding a personal watercraft were almost hit by a cruise ship at Port Canaveral, but a deputy was there to get them out of harm’s way. Skylar Pentasuglia, 19, and 20-year-old Allison Garrett, both from Princeton, West Virginia, were enjoying fun in the Florida sun when their watercraft flipped and wind pushed them into the path of the outgoing cruise ship Carnival Magic.

Thankfully, Port Canaveral Harbor Pilot Captain Doug Brown and SeaPort Security Marine Deputy Taner Primmer were there to get the young women out of danger and onto the Sheriff’s Office Safe Boat. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office says the two women could have easily been pulled under the ship and lost their lives, if Brown and Primmer hadn’t been there to save them.

"We did not realize just how close it was until we got on that boat," Pentasuglia says. "It was so scary. It was so close, and it was so scary. The women say they feel lucky to be alive and they’re so grateful for their rescuers, adding if it wasn’t for them, “we might not be here right now.”

Source: My News 13

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