He’s Survived Cancer Twice And Has One Lung And He’s Trekking To The North Pole

Sean Swarner has already done the incredibly challenging 7-Summit Tour - climbing the highest mountain peaks on each of the seven continents. And the two-time cancer survivor has done it all with only one functioning lung.

So now the 42-year-old is challenging himself again, this time he hopes to become the first cancer survivor to complete the extremely difficult Explorer’s Grand Slam - which is a trek to both poles, in addition to the 7-Summit Tour - so he’s hiking in the Arctic to the North Pole.

Swarner had final stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 13 and advanced Askin’s Sarcoma at 16 and despite being given two weeks to live, he survived. And now he lives for adventure, so he’s already been to the South Pole and is starting his North Pole expedition on April 1.

“I’m on the journey to accomplish something no one has ever done before, but also to use it as a vehicle to help people touched by cancer with hope,” Swarner says. “I want to really make a difference in the world and show people what’s possible.”

Source: People

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