Video Shows Ezekiel Elliott Exposing Woman's Breast

When can Ezekiel Elliott stand in plain sight in Dallas and not be noticed?

When the attractive young woman standing next to him has her breast hanging out.

But you know who did notice, Elliot?

Well that would the TMZ cameras who caught Elliot on camera pulling her top down.

But before you start inking your protest sign, it should be pointed out that it took place earlier this week during Dallas' St. Patrick's Day parade in which there was quite the Mardi Gras atmosphere.

So much so that when Elliot tried a second time, the woman did swat his hand away only so that she could flash the crowd and camera herself.

Now in Elliott’s defense, TMZ says one of his reps claims it was “all in good fun” and that the “woman wasn’t upset”—which the video seems to support.

And while you could argue this type of behavior goes on quite often at these parades, it’s usually done by regular people with little to lose and not by an NFL running back who is already being investigated for violating personal conduct code after being accused of domestic violence.

And that’s what Elliot’s defense… attorney… is probably concerned with, especially considering Roger Goodell and his personal conduct policy don’t need criminal charges filed to fine or suspend you.

Just ask Ben Roethlisberger.

Source: NBC Sports

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