Elementary School Bans Tag Games After Students Get Rough

You’ve often heard stories of parents outraged that their childhood game of “tag” was being banned for their kids. And in northern California, that’s happening again – though this time, there might less anger from parents. As it turns out, playing "tag" is no longer an option Gold Ridge Elementary School in the Folsom section of Sacramento.

Officials have banned the iconic kids' game over concerns that games of "tag" during recess were getting too rough. School district officials say teachers and other staff members saw older kids pushing and creating altercations, with at least one student ending up with an injury after a game of "tag."

Parents of some students have already been warned that their kids will face discipline if they don't stop playing too rough at recess. And by the way – this isn’t a total shock. The school has also banned touch football and other games that involve physical contact on the schoolyard.

How do the kids feel? “I don’t really like it,” says fourth grader Mallory Giddens. “I mean I don’t really play tag, but I don’t think it’s fair to everyone else that plays tag!”

Source: CBS13

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