Heroic Ten-Year-Old Keeps A Cool Head During Roadway Emergency

A few weeks ago, 10-year-old Cash Cooley saved his family from an emergency situation when his mom had a seizure while driving. The Morrison, Colorado boy saw the car swerving and realized what was happening, so he jumped up and took action.

The quick-thinking kid grabbed the steering wheel, turned on the hazard lights and even moved his mom’s foot off of the accelerator to slow the car down. The car did slow to about 10 mph, and that’s when a passerby opened the driver’s door and was able to push the brake to stop them.

Cash’s mom, Amy, says she was very happy he was there and knew what to do to save himself, his mom, and his six-year-old sister. Firefighters who responded to Cash’s 911 call say he’s a hero, which he says “makes me feel proud.” And we’re all proud of you, Cash!

Source: KDVR

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