Manny Ramirez’s Contract Is A Thing Of Beauty

You might recall that Manny Ramirez is back in baseball. To review, he signed a deal to slug-away for the Kochi Island Fighting Dogs in the Japanese independent Shikoku Island League. “Man Ram” signed the deal in December, but only now have the details of the contract been made public. The perks are fantastic.

First off, he will be No. 99, and his jersey will simply say “Manny”…kinda like what “Ichiro” got in Seattle. Then, the good stuff. We’re talking “unlimited sushi.” For the entire length of the season, Manny will be loading up on all the raw fish his belly can stuff into it. Hopefully, he doesn’t just pile-in the rice so that he can take full advantage of this one.

But wait, there’s more! On team road trips, Manny will be put up in a suite in whatever hotel the team is staying in. Plus, he’ll have access to his own “personal” Mercedes, complete with a driver. Finally, in true “Manny” form, his contract stipulates that practice is “optional.’ That’s a nice deal if you can get it!

Source: MLB

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