Pooper Scooper Played “Secret Service” To Meet Girls

You’d think that a guy who works for a company that scoops up pet poop would have no problem hooking up with the ladies, right? Women love animals, after all. It seems that Christopher Diiorio didn’t trust that or his charms – and instead, tried the old “I’m a Secret Service agent” trick. Apparently, he tried to impress women on a dating website with Secret Service badges and ID’s that he’d bought online. Oops.

While pleading guilty to ‘fraudulently using an official seal,’ he described himself as a “dumb man” rather than a “bad man” to the judge. But then, he also acknowledged that he flashed the ID during police traffic stop and when he tried to get a government rate at a hotel room. In the end, Chris has received two years’ probation and a $500 fine.

As for what “got him caught?” A traffic stop. And get this, oddly enough, there was an actual Secret Service agent that shared his name. So, he thought, “what the hell?” And because he only received the probation, if he’s a good boy, Diiorio can keep tending to his sick mother, disabled sister…and continue marriage counseling. Wait, what? Yup – Diiorio's married…to one of the women he met online while posing as a Secret Service agent. She wasn’t in court for sentencing. Guessing he’s really in deep…doo doo.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

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