Terry Collins Explains Why He Keeps Giving Chances To Tim Tebow

While most intelligent minded baseball fans believe the Mets insist on continuing to parade Tim Tebow onto the field for his numbers as much as his merch numbers, New York Mets manager Terry Collins, who is pretty wise himself, argues otherwise.

Okay, he has to toe the company line, but hear him out.

Collins explained this week why, despite the fact the 29-year-old prospect keeps getting at bats even though 89-percent of the time it would be better if he didn’t even bring a bat up to the plate with him.

“He’s not going to play a lot, but right now, we need players,” Collins said. “Some guys are tired and we’ve said from the get-go that we’re going to keep guys rested and healthy and that’s what we’re trying to do. So he allows us to bring a guy over that you can actually make some advancements with.”

Now, here’s the thing with that.

If you need players now, won’t you need them in the future?

And doesn’t gumming up the works with a 29-year-old washout take the place of one of those players you’ll need in the future?

Okay, smarminess aside, he did stop insulting our intelligence talking about Tebow as a player for a minute to compliment Tebow as a person.

“There are good people in this world, and he is a good person,” Collins said. “People will cheer for good people.

Well yeah, Collins is certainly right. But there are plenty of other places we can root for a good person like Tebow.

But at a baseball game, I like to root for baseball players—which Tebow ain’t.

Source: via NJ.com

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