Women’s Group: NFL Should Suspend Elliott For ‘Sexual Assault’

On the field, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott makes all the right moves and is nearly impossible to catch.

But off the field, it seems to be the complete opposite. He is constantly making poor decisions and getting caught—in this week’s case—on camera.

By now you’ve heard that a TMZ video surfaced yesterday of Elliott at a St. Paddy’s Day parade pulling down a lady’s shirt and exposing her breast.

And despite the fact that moments later the woman was more than willing to do it on her own, by the time she did there were three boobs in the shot.

Because there’s no way Elliot—who’s already on thin ice with the NFL for allegedly doing something even worse to his ex-girlfriend—should even type the numbers 8-0-0-8-5 onto a computer.

If you didn’t get that joke yet, let’s just move on.

Well now it isn’t just the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell he needs to worry about but the wrath of a woman’s group. In the wake of this incident, the co-founder of the group UltraViolet is calling the incident “sexual assault.”

“The reality is that what happened in that video was sexual assault, period.” said co-founder Shaunna Thomas.

Thomas considers what Elliott was part in a “crime,” and, is calling for Goodell to suspend Elliott.

And given Goodell’s Code of Conduct policy allows for suspension based on “conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the National Football League” something tells me Elliot may be in for some discipline.

Source: TMZ Sports

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