Barack Obama Keeps NCAA Tourney Tradition Alive With Bracket

There is one thing that you can’t deny former President Barack Obama tapped into—and that’s our national sports consciousness when he began the annual tradition of the Presidential Bracket.

Unfortunately, that ended this year when current President Donald Trump said he wouldn’t be doing a one.

But unlike Trump, Obama cares—see what we did there?

Yeah at any rate, Obama’s Bracket—aka “Baracketology” is back as the former Prez filled the void left for college basketball fans by filling out his first post-presidency bracket.

At least I think he did, I mean considering he picked Duke and UNC in the final game, he may have just copy and pasted one from his first administration.

At any rate, it’s definitely worth a look especially considering our current Commander In Chief is too busy “building walls” to select his bracket.

He might as well…he’s not doing anything else that’s exciting the people at large.

Source: NESN

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