Couple Marries At Groom’s Father’s Hospital Bed

When an Arizona groom found out his father was too sick to come to his upcoming wedding, they brought their ceremony to his hospital room. In January, Tom Martone’s dad, Thomas Senior, was diagnosed with advanced stage liver cancer that had spread to his stomach and lymph nodes, so he and his fiancé, Brittany Jeffries, moved their wedding plans to Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis, Massachusetts so dad wouldn’t miss it.

The couple called relatives and filed for an expedited marriage license and when the hospital heard about their wedding plans, they helped arrange for a wedding cake, flowers, and even someone to play violin for the event. Thomas Senior died just days after the wedding, but Tom says having his dad there to see him get married was the “biggest gift of all.”

“There’s been a lot of pain, and sorrow, and sadness,” Tom says. “And amid all of it, there’s been good things, and amazing blessings throughout.”

Source: Inside Edition

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