Depressed Mom Is Charged For Parking Violation...Then The Judge Hears Her Son Just Died And Stuns Her

Andrea has been having a tough time lately, and it all culminated when she went into a courtroom to face parking tickets that dated back to 2004-2005.  Some of which she wasn't even aware of.  

While speaking with the judge, Andrea revealed her son was killed in March of 2016.  In the wake of his death, the social security office cut her check because her son owed $75 to the state.  When she left the office after sorting things out, she found a parking ticket on her car.  

From there, the year only continued to get worse and worse.  

Andrea told the judge she is still paying off her son's funeral while struggling to collect the funds to pay all her tickets and take care of her life.  

The judge couldn't help but be sympathetic toward the helpless grieving mother.  However, she never expected what he said next. 

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