NFL Insider Peter King Rips Ezekiel Elliott Over Recent Conduct

As you’ve probably heard, Ezekiel Elliott got himself into trouble earlier this week when a video of him surfaced pulling down a woman’s top, exposing her breast.

So yeah, I’m guessing you saw—repeatedly.

And while the league hasn’t weighed in on it yet (I’m guessing they’re too busy reviewing the alleged domestic violence charges he ex has charged him with) everyone else has.

First it was a woman’s group on Tuesday demanding the NFL suspend him for “sexual assault” and yesterday it was NFL royalty Peter King—pun intended—going after Elliot for his troublesome antics.

“We can all sit here and say that this woman said, ‘Hey go ahead and pull off my shirt’ or whatever,” King said. “But the fact is Ezekiel Elliott has been in trouble for possible assault of a woman. So just stay away from women in public. Period.”

Then after pointing out that Elliot “sincerely doesn’t get it,” called for the Cowboys to confront Elliott:

“They’re going to sit him down and they’re going to say something like, ‘Do you have any idea who you are? Do you have any idea what team you’re on? Do you any idea what your past is? Do you have any idea how many eyes are looking at you every day when you’re out in public?”

Gotta agree with every word King said.

But let’s face it, the answer to that question is zero.

I’m guessing no eyes were on Elliott then he pulled her top down.

Source: The Dallas Morning News

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