Woman Saves Homeless Man Who Stood On Same Corner For Three Years

People in Kemah, Texas, drove right past a man standing on the same street corner for three years before anyone helped him. Then one day Ginger Sprouse decided to stop and find out why he was there. When he told her he was waiting for his mom to return and get him and that he had nowhere to live, she decided to help him rebuild his life.

His name is Victor Hubbard and Sprouse started by sharing his story on a Facebook page called “This is Victor.” She encouraged the community to work with her to be the “someone” everyone thought should help the guy out as they drove past him. And it worked. Dozens volunteered to help Hubbard get back on his feet again.

Sprouse welcomed him into her home, washed clothes, cooked meals, and helped Hubbard get appointments with a mental health professional. She set up a GoFundMe campaign that’s raised over $24,000, gave him a job at her restaurant, and even helped him reconnect with an uncle and eventually, his mom. "She came around and she kind of saved me," he explains. "She helped me. It's like grace."

Source: Sunny Skyz

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