Millennials Taking Classes in “Adulting”

Millennials tend to get a bad rap as a generation who doesn’t know how to do anything for themselves, and it seems in some cases it may be justified. In fact, some Millennials are so clueless about how to live on their own they are actually taking “adulting” classes that teach them how to be grownups.

That’s right, apparently the word adult has been turned into a verb by Millennials who have no idea how to live independently without mommy and daddy’s help. Maine psychotherapist Rachel Weinstein and elementary school Katie Brunelle opened the Adulting School, where they reach Millennials with the pitch, “We know you’re sick of feeling like you’re pretending to be a grown-up and that someone’s going to realize you don’t know the sh%t you’re supposed to know.”

Millennials shell out $19.99 to learn basic grown up stuff in five categories including health, home repairs, cooking and more. They are even quizzed on common things like whether they know how much money they have and how to get it, and whether they think it’s appropriate to dump someone over a text message.

Of course many people are blaming the parents for their kids' lack of knowledge of how to be a grown up. Parents are so concerned about shielding their kids from problems when they’re young that they don’t know how to handle issues when they get older. So we guess they can’t complain when their kids never move out of the house.

Source: New York Post

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