There Aren’t A Latte Clothes At Bikini Bean Espresso

At first there was one, in Spokane, Washington. Then, it caught on, and now two more locations of the Bikini Bean Espresso are going to sprout up in Arizona. What’s that? It can be best described as what would happen if you combined a more risqué Hooters with a Starbucks.

The allure of bikini-wearing baristas might even be a bit of an understatement, when you see the video that Zagat put out about the place. You’re seeing pasties, and tiny little G-strings on some of these ladies…and that ain’t a bad thing (just be careful around the hot foam machine).

There has been backlash on the place. Some of the stodgier members of the community see it has indecent, and “exploitative”…regardless of how good the coffee might be. Bikini Bean’s founder, Carlie Jo, sees things a little differently. Her aim is to empower women to be whatever they want to be whether it’s straight, gay, President, accountant…or thong-clad coffee vixen. Bottom’s up!

Source: Maxim

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