WWII Vet Hopes To Find Grocery Store ‘Angel’ To Thank Her

Rene Duhon was waiting to check out at an Albertsons supermarket in Lafayette, Louisiana, when he encountered his “angel.” The woman in line behind him - a complete stranger - paid for his groceries. And now the World War II veteran wants to thank her for her kind gesture.

"I was flabbergasted,” Duhon says. “I didn't know what to think.” Their cashier has a guess as to why this mystery woman helped him out - she thinks it’s because her own father served in World War II also and Duhon usually wears his veteran hat.

"All I want her to know is that I appreciated it very, very much and I want her to know she is an angel," he explains. Duhon hopes those who know her may reach out and that he’ll get a chance to meet her in person.

Source: Fox News

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