Brothers Deliver PB&Js To Homeless During Their Vacation

When Sandra Daniels and her husband surprised their sons, six-year-old Bradley and four-year-old Brady, with a trip to see the circus in Philadelphia, the boys were excited - but they had a request. They wanted to know if they could feed the homeless on their trip.

This Delaware family has been passing out water bottles and snacks to homeless people at stoplights for years, so these boys understand the value of helping others. But they wanted to make lunches - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, apples, pretzels, and cookies - for the homeless folks in Philly. And they helped make them, pack them, and passed them out to people themselves.

“I want to teach them to respect everybody,” Sandra says. “No matter what situation anyone’s in, they’re still people with feelings.” And it sounds like she’s doing an amazing job raising these kind boys.

Source: Babble

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