This Adult Cereal Line Is Too Risqué For The Kids

When you think of “adult” cereal, something like triple fiber flakes probably comes to mind, but a London-based startup called Cereal Motel has a more NSFW idea. They’re actually making suggestive cereal boxes strictly for the grown-ups. And you’d never see these on the shelves at your Kroger store.

So what kind of R-Rated foods are they selling? On their site, Cereal Motel offers:

  • Vice Krispies - A take on Cocoa Krispies.
  • Porn Flakes - Just like corn flakes, but a little naughtier.
  • Booty Pops - The cereal inspired by Kim Kardashian's photo shoot for “Paper” magazine, the front of the box shows a model popping milk over her head into the bowl of cereal.

Each box costs about $10.80, so they’re not as budget-friendly as your Rice Krispies, but they might get you as excited for cereal as you were when you got a prize in the box as a kid.

Source: Foodbeast

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