Brilliant Scientist Invents Drip-Free Wine Bottle

We can thank science for many amazing things like curing diseases and sending a man to the moon, but somehow we were still stuck with wine bottles that dripped down the side of the bottle after we poured a glass. But all that has changed thanks to Brandeis University biophysicist Dan Perlman. This super smarty invented a drip-free wine bottle, a contribution to science that we can really appreciate.

Perlman is an inventor with over 100 patents and after studying the flow of liquid on the lip of wine bottles for three years, he figured out the solution to stopping that drip. His fix was cutting a small groove into the bottle, just below the lip.

The wine bottle design we use today is from the early 1800s and not much about it has changed since then. So for 200 years, we’ve just been dealing with the drips, stains and spots that are just a part of enjoying our vino. And we can’t grab a bottle with Perlman’s design from the shelves at the wine store just yet, but he’s in talks with manufacturers to make them a reality. Fingers crossed it happens soon.

Source: The Berry

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