Fan Wears Burned Lebron James Jersey To Cavs-Nuggets Game

You’d think when LeBron James took his “talents to South Beach,” turning his back on the Cavaliers and his hometown of Cleveland, that he had completely burnt that bridge behind him. That of course was not the case when he returned in 2014 as the city welcomed him with open arms. 

Guess you can still use those burned bridges sometimes.

And never was that more apparent, than this past Wednesday night when an NBA fan showed up at the Cavs Nuggets game, in Denver’s Pepsi Center, wearing a previously burned LeBron jersey.

But here’s the thing about the jersey—it’s a gold Cavs Jersey that wasn’t introduced by the team until 2012—two years after James’ departure.

And that means the guy either purchased the jersey after the fact or—more logically—it was a plant by the Denver to distract King James.

I’m guessing it was the second—and it worked as the Nuggets cruised by the Cavs 126-113.

The fan may have worn the jersey but it was LeBron who felt the burn.

Source: The Score

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