Girl Writes Letter Asking For Park Swing For Brother With Disabilities

When Naomi Gwynne and her twin brother, Isaac, visited a park near their home in Scotland, the eight-year-old was disappointed to find it didn’t have a swing for her twin, who has disabilities. So she wrote a letter to the “park builders” and asked them to add one.

Both Naomi and Isaac have autism, and he is nonverbal and is vision impaired. In her letter, the little girl explains that Isaac is “too big for a baby swing and can’t hold on to the bars of the grown-up swings.” She even drew a picture of a swing for kids with disabilities, like she’s seen at other parks and she explained that they were “sad” they forgot about him.

And her letter made it to the right hands, after reading Naomi’s “heartfelt letter” the park people have found a seat for Isaac and will install it as soon as possible. Way to go, Naomi, for speaking up about inclusion and for making your voice heard.

Source: BBC

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