INSANITY: Young Girls Couldn't Board United Flight Because Of Leggings

United Airlines is defending its decision to stop two girls from flying for wearing leggings at Denver International Airport. In a series of tweets Sunday, witness Shannon Watts said a gate agent wouldn't let the young girls board their plane unless they changed or put a dress over their leggings.

She said, quote, "Since when does @united police women's clothing?" United responded saying it's their right to refuse passengers who aren't "properly clothed." After much backlash from the Twitterverse, the airline company clarified that the two girls were traveling with employee passes, which requires travelers to follow a specific dress code. “The passengers this morning were United pass riders,” the company tweeted. “They were not in compliance with our dress code policy for company benefit travel.”

In other words, when you fly free, the company wants you to look nice. So for travelers worried that you won’t be able to fly in comfort of their stretchies, relax. The policy only applies to “friends and family” – not the rest of us.

Source: CNBC

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