Kansas Police Joke About Another Elite Eight Loss

One group of people who seemed to take the Kansas loss to Oregon on Saturday with more of a sense of humor that most was the police. The Lawrence, Kansas Police Department Twitter page was amongst the first to publicly troll the broken hearted Jayhawks fans. First there was this:

Well, at least we have a lot of experience dealing with fans after an #Elite8 loss. Get home safely Jayhawk fans. #DriveSober

Saturday’s loss makes the fifth time in fourteen years that Kansas has lost in the Elite Eight. Judging by the police department tweets, there was more sadness in the air than rage.

  • Only 1 disturbance reported so far. Pretty somber mood downtown. No streakers.#GrieveSafely #DriveSober
  • An intoxicated guy tried to pull a tree out of the ground. His friend carried him off before he could succeed. It's not the trees fault man
  • Officers arrived on a disturbance downtown before it could escalate. Guys, we're all sad but the cops downtown didn't disappear. Stay classy

At least everyone appeared to stay safe and sane. Get ‘em next year, boys. Or not.

Source: SB Nation

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