Obama Planning Extended Stay In South Pacific

Former President Obama is reportedly taking off to the South Pacific for a month. "The Washington Post" reports that Obama is planning to stay on an island once owned by actor Marlon Brando.

The former Commander-In-Chief's trip will not be all play. Well, not exactly. He’ll reportedly be working on his memoir about his eight years in the Oval Office. As we told you before, both Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama signed multi million-dollar book deals with Penguin Random House last month.

Beyond that, both Obamas are said to be enjoying all that the “post-presidency life” has to offer - for Mrs. Obama, that means managing their daughters as they navigate school. “They are still decompressing from an extremely intense period. It actually started not just eight years ago but really since his 2004 convention speech — and it never let up,” says a former senior West Wing staffer. “It’s like 12 years of extremely intense stress, political activity, scrutiny, responsibility as a national leader, and for the first lady as the surrogate in chief. . . . That’s been a big load for the both of them.”

Source: Washington Post

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