Granddaughter Buys House For Grandparents Who Never Had Running Water Or Electricity

After living their whole lives with no running water or electricity in their home, an elderly couple in Hawaii got an incredible gift from their granddaughter. Kahealani Paradis, 29, bought them a brand new home, with all the amenities on the Big Island in Hawaii, where they’ve lived for 45 years.

Paradis cashed out her hubby’s retirement fund when she found the ideal home for them, after wanting to do this for her grandparents for a long time. Their former home is where she grew up, and it was run using only generators, so she gave them an upgrade.

And when she took her grandparents to see their new home, they couldn’t believe it. In a video Paradis posted on Facebook, you can see her grandma crying and gramps in shock. “They’re all moved in and cozy,” she says. “They have been really happy ever since.”

Source: Inside Edition

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