Jana Kramer Defends Herself Against Online Trolls

Jana Kramer has been forced to defend herself after Internet trolls criticized her for bringing her 13-month-old daughter Jolie to Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida over the weekend.

Folks chimed in on everything from Jana wearing a bikini, to her and her daughter sitting near an Amarillo, which one person erroneously claimed "could cause leprosy," to just being at Discovery Cove, which is owned by Seaworld, the subject of the documentary “Blackfish,” which focuses on their treatment of Orcas.

Jana eventually addressed all the haters on social media, noting that while she didn’t see the doc, she “DID SEE was how amazing they treated these dolphins and I learned so much about each one, met the trainers, and I asked very specific questions as to how they were being taken care of.”

She added, “I don't preach politics or try to shove my beliefs on any of you…If any of you have a problem with how I live my day to day then I'm sorry. I'm simply doing the best I can. I will not be able to please every one of you.” 

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