Recent Starbucks Menu Item Was Actually Created By A Customer

Any Starbucks fans knows that there are some customers who like to get creative with their drink order, which are bound to result in eye rolls from the folks impatiently waiting on line behind them. But it turns out, at least one crazy customer order was good enough to actually make it to the menu.

In case you missed it, last month Starbucks added the new drink “The Medicine Ball” to the menu, which was actually created by a customer who's Instagram post about it went viral. In fact, it got so popular that one store said it was ordered 20 times in one day, and when 40 other managers said they got requests too, Starbucks took notice and suddenly it was a new menu item. 

The drink, also dubbed “The Cold Buster” for its ability to ward off a pesky sniffle, is made up of one Citrus Mint Teavana bag, one Peach Tranquility Teavana bag, half hot water and half steamed lemonade and then topped off with honey and optional peppermint pump.

Now it’s true folks could have ordered the drink without it ever becoming official, but with so many requests, Starbucks wanted to make sure customers got a consistent experience. The quick addition is also far from the norm, with the company admitting it usually takes weeks or months before a new drink gets added to the menu.

Source: Fortune

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