Shady or Genius? This Woman Uses Tinder To Make Money

Singles spend a lot of time creating the ideal Tinder bio that’ll actually get people’s attention. But Maggie Archer kept things simple, opting to only put: “Send me $5, see what happens,” along with the smirking emoji as punctuation.

And the 20-year-old Missouri woman seems to be onto something, because a lot of people are sending her the money. Archer shared screen shots of her Tinder bio in a now-viral tweet she captioned “The best possible use for Tinder.”

Apparently, when Archer matches with a guy on the dating app and he asks about the mysterious $5, she coaxes them to send the money through her PayPal to find out what the surprise is all about. She says she’s gotten 20 guys in a week to do it - that’s a quick $100.

So just what does that $5 get them? Unmatched, that’s what. Brilliant, don’t you think? "It's really a foolproof plan,” Archer explains. “Because I'm not actually promising anything, I just say 'see what happens.'"

Unfortunately, now that her Tinder scam has made the headlines, it’s probably not going to work for her anymore. And even though she revealed it on Twitter so other women could make fast cash doing it too, we doubt any dudes will fall for it now. And sure, anyone dumb enough to send the cash may “deserve” it, but then…don’t women complain about guys doing lousy things to “get something” out of us? Bad karma.

Source: Mashable

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