Barista Gets Apology Note And $50 Tip From Sassy Customer

Part of being a Starbucks barista is dealing with frustrated customers, and Andrew Richardson, who works as one in Bishop, California, has seen his share. But after dealing with one customer last week, he was surprised to get a handwritten apology note and a $50 tip on top of it.

Richardson, 20, actually says his customer Debbie was “extremely pleasant” at the drive thru that day. He didn’t think she was being rude, but she was a bit frustrated - like anyone would be - when they didn’t have drink carriers for her multiple beverages, and she got a little more upset when he couldn’t throw away her trash for her because of a state health and safety law.

So he was surprised when Debbie returned the next day with a card, apologizing and saying she felt horrible about their interaction. “Without the money, this was one of the most beautiful and heartfelt things I have ever read,” Richardson says. “It absolutely made my day when I read it. The money was unnecessary. The card alone was the best part.”

Source: People

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