Irish Granny Has Nursing Home Get High Speed Wifi To Snapchat With Grandkids

Doreen Thew moved to Ireland from London to be closer to her son, five grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren, and the 92-year-old had a request for her nursing home: high speed Wifi. The granny needed that quick Internet so she could stay connected to her loved ones.

Thew Facetimes with friends and family back in England and she keeps up with her grandkids on Snapchat. She also says Google is handy for helping her identify the types of birds that she sees in the garden.

This great-grandma knows her way around the web so well that she was named Ireland’s most tech savvy retired person, winning a Silver Surfer Award from Eir, an Irish telecommunications company. She can probably teach some of the other senior citizens a thing or two about the Internet.

Source: Independent

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