Kansas bar shooting hero gets $100,000 reward

Last month, Ian Grillot was shot in the hand and chest as he tried to stop a gunman who had shot two Indian tech workers in Olathe, Kansas. And now the 24-year-old is being honored for his heroic efforts and was given $100,000 as a thank you.

While one man died and another was wounded, if Grillot hadn’t stepped up to help these people he didn’t know by intervening, who knows how much worse it could have been. The gunman reportedly shouted “Get out of my country” before opening fire and a White House spokeswoman said the shooting appeared to be "an act of racially motivated hatred."

Grillot was the guest of honor at the Indian community charity India House Houston’s annual gala, where they called him a “genuine hero” for taking a bullet for a complete stranger. He says he now has a very powerful message to share, “If I can help empower people and spread hope and love, then why not?”

Source: CNN

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