FEEL GOOD: ‘Brave Gowns’ Let Kids In Hospital Be Superheroes

When kids are sick and stuck in the hospital for a long time, they’re also stuck wearing those dingy hospital gowns. But Summer Germann wants to help change that with her Brave Gowns. They function just like regular hospital gowns, providing all the access nurses and doctors need, but they come in cool designs that let the kids be mermaids, superheroes, rock stars, and more.

Germann was inspired to create the fun gowns after her brother, Mac, died from pediatric cancer at 10. She’s now working on new designs and creating a line of Brave Gowns for grown-ups, along with a line of matching tear-away pants - because not every patient is comfortable wearing a gown alone.

Brave Gowns has teamed up with the Starlight Children’s Foundation so people can donate to help kids get these special gowns. To learn more click here.

Source: Huffington Post

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