High School Bathroom Has Affirmations Instead Of Mirrors

A high school girls’ bathroom can be a pretty intimidating place for young ladies, checking their hair in the mirror leads to comparing themselves to each other and that can make them feel terrible. But the girl’s restroom at Laguna Hills High School in California can actually boost self-esteem, instead of causing it to take a hit.

In place of bathroom mirrors, they’ve hung signs with positive and encouraging messages. “Stay positive!” one reads. Others read “You are beautiful,” “You are capable,” “You are unique,” and “You are enough.”

Imagine walking into the bathroom and getting a happiness boost instead of being critical in front of the mirror. Everyone wants to hear that we’re doing a good job and that we’re enough. We need more walls like these so we can all get those reminders. And remember, “You’re doing better than you think!”

Source: Babble

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