MUST SEE: Jewelry Store Billboard Has Regrettable Message

A jewelry store in Asheville, North Carolina is taking some heat for a billboard they put up recently. Spicer Greene Jewelers has an ad on a billboard on Interstate 240 that reads, “Sometimes, It’s okay to throw rocks at girls…” The sign shows pretty gems as well, but people aren’t happy about their choice of words, which seems to promote violence against women.

The jeweler has since apologized for their ad, insisting they meant the phrase as “a play on words to encourage the loving act of gift giving.” But people don’t think it’s funny.

People all over social media are expressing their disappointment with the billboard. Chelsea Clinton tweeted, “Talking about hitting girls is never funny. Ever.” Another user tweeted, “No but it’s okay to throw rocks at whoever approved this billboard.”

And then there are those who think everyone’s overreacting and being too sensitive about the ad. Fans of the jewelry store have been showing their support on Spicer’s Facebook page, where one made a clever suggestion for a better ad: “A better tagline for your billboard: Tell her she is a GEM and then give her one.” And we can all agree that’s an improvement.

Source: Glamour

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