FEEL GOOD: Community Welcomes Home Boy After A Year In Isolation Battling Cancer

Life hasn’t been easy for Carter Guess, but things are getting better now. The five-year-old Indiana boy has just come home after spending a year in the hospital, intensely fighting cancer, and it saved his life.

His homecoming was celebrated with local law enforcement officers, firefighters, and a motorcycle club. The little guy even became an honorary firefighter, winning the Lost Creek Fire Department’s annual courage award.

Carter couldn’t be around anyone for a year, for his own safety, while being treated for neuroblastoma. He was only given a 5% chance of survival, but after being declared cancer-free, the kid is happy to be home again.

"He gets to be a 5-year-old now," his mom, Jessica Guess says. "It just overwhelms you to see people come out and support your journey when you've been isolated for so long."

Source: CBS 8

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