“Footy McFoot Face” Could Be A New MLS Team

Today’s the day when initial voting ends. The vote’s to decide what the new Major League Soccer team in San Diego will be called. The city is hoping to lure a team to their ‘hood, and Soccer city San Diego went to their Facebook page to get naming suggestions for their new team, should they be fortunate enough to get one.

This is where the legend of “Boaty McBoat Face” lives on. In a touching tribute to the now infamous British underwater drone, soccer fans followed suit by nominating “Footy McFoot Face.” That’s, so far, the runaway favorite suggestion, with almost four-times the voting power of the second place entry, “San Diego Surf”…which is admittedly quite dull.

Other names in the running are: San Diego Bad Hombres, San Diego Football Club, and San Diego Riptide. Yeah, Footy McFoot Face DOES have a much better ring to it. The likelihood of it been the official name, should they get a team is slim-to-none, though. The voting deadline is today. Then the Top 10 vote-getters, which isn’t saying much since there are 11 total names listed, will be put under “official review”. San Diego is one of many cities vying for a team when MLS expands from 22 to 28 teams.

Source: Thrillist


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