Teacher Suspended For “Provocative” Post

British teacher Lydia Ferguson has been suspended from her job at Ousedale School in Buckinghamshire, England. You might think that the discipline was due to flirting with one of her students, or something drug-related, or maybe some porn in her past…but you’d be wrong. Lydia was suspended because of a picture of herself that she posted on Facebook.

The pic in question shows the teacher sitting on the edge of her bed. She’s holding her phone, presumably taking a selfie of herself in a mirror. She’s wearing a white skirt that could be deemed short, and from the angle the pic is taken it could be argued that you can see up her skirt. Meaning that you can get a decent dose of thigh, but you’re a far cry from peering up her birth canal. See them HERE.

Still, the school says that pic is “sultry” and “provocative” and she’s been sacked. Thing is? There are students who have lined up to have her back. The “Get Miss Ferguson Back” group has formed a petition to fight the school, and its decision. Miss Ferguson isn’t at all worried about her pictures, even if other people are…and from the looks of her other pictures, this won’t be the last time for this.

Source: BroBible

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