FEEL GOOD: Teen Saves Five Year Old Who Fell From 15-Foot Cliff


While hiking with some friends and his babysitter in Cope Park in Alaska, five-year-old Mason Hemlock’s foot slipped and he fell 15 feet off of a cliff and into cold, fast-moving water down below. But 14-year-old RileyJohn saw what happened and jumped into the freezing water to save the little boy he’d never met before.

“Mason doesn’t know how to swim. He said he tried to swim and it didn’t work,” Mason’s mom, Kristen, explains. “They saved his life. He wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Riley. He put his life on the line for Mason.”

Thankfully, Mason only got a few scratches in the ordeal and Riley’s brave efforts kept him safe. Since then, these two had the chance to properly meet at a ceremony at the teen’s school to honor his fearless actions, and Kristen was able to tell Riley how incredibly grateful she is that he saved her son.

Source: Inside Edition


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