No More Boobs In These Food Ads


Sorry, fellas, Carl’s Jr. is getting rid of their sexy burger commercials. Instead of the ads with famous faces like Kim Kardashian and Charlotte McKinney, their new campaign actually pokes fun at the old one.

But why would they want to get rid of their bikini wearing burger models? They’re trying to appeal to customers who care more about food quality. So the so-called “frat boy mentality” is being replaced with ads calling them the “Pioneer of the Great American Burger.”

One of the new commercials features Carl Hardee, Jr., “the son of the fictional founder of the company, Carl Hardee, Sr.” When dad shows up at HQ after handing over the reigns to his son, he isn’t happy with some of the changes Junior has made, so he starts fixing things, trading in the boobs in the ads for burgers.

Source: Fox News


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