Her Dress Revealed Her Ankle, So She Was Kicked From Prom

At Carencro High School in Lafayette, Louisiana, they’re pretty strict about the dress code for prom. In fact, the school recently kept Amari Williams from attending her senior prom because they said her dress was in violation of the dress code. So what was so scandalous about her dress for the dance? It wasn’t revealing any cleavage or her booty - the asymmetrical hem simply showed one of her ankles. ONE!

Williams didn’t buy a dress off the rack, but saved up and had blue printed dress made for the occasion. She even had the frock approved by her principal Mary Qualey before the big event, which was why it was so shocking to her when Qualey herself turned her away at the door for not following the dress code.

Lafayette Parish School System Chief Administrative Officer, Joe Craig says the Carencro High Administration made it clear by sending several reminders of prom’s “formal” dress code expectations. One of their requirements was a full-length dress, all the way to the ground.

So because Williams wore an asymmetrical gown – with an uneven hem that only touched the ground on one side – they didn’t consider her dress formal enough and sent her home. But her mom, Troynetta, says when she came to the prom location, she saw other, more serious dress code violators being allowed inside. And when she pointed that out to the principal, Qualey told her she was using her judgment to decide what was appropriate. And sadly, Williams missed a high school rite of passage over someone’s opinion and she can’t get that night back.

Source: Allure

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